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...are plastic. When applied, over time, they not only change the organism, but the organism changes how they are applied. Is this because in biology there are no strict laws? But rather tendencies? Or accidental regularities? You never train in … [Read more]


The pendulum that is raised to the left, strikes back to the right with relentless necessity. --- Uexküll This is what I mean when I try to explain how a crash diet or a crash training program - a stress your body is not ready for - will result in … [Read more]

A Metaphors Tale – How Fission Fusion Was Born

The Many Cycles Of Biology What stretching is to contraction in the muscle function cycle, aerobic system stimulation is to anaerobic demand. Now cant a contraction be part of the stretch cycle? And cant anaerobic system function be part of the … [Read more]

Fission Fusion – How It Became

Fitness training is where the ideas of biology, physics and psychology have sex.  Sexually Interdependent Principles? The principles of training and diet should not be considered independent when it comes to application to your body and mine. … [Read more]

Flip The Script On The Fundamentals Of Fitness

What you do with your body, determines what your body does with your food: The processing, digesting, integrating and utilizing characteristic of a highly physically active body is going to be substantially different from the processing … [Read more]

Science VS Experience, The Lab VS Observation: Tacit VS Explicit

You have probably already realized that I’ve created an all out, no holds barred false duality slug fest, with my title to this post above. And you’d be right. The problem isn’t this simple. The issue isn’t this plain. The solution isn’t this … [Read more]


Over 12 years ago, I came across me intellectual mentor, friend and hero, Howard Bloom. I emailed him to ask him about his belief in God or gods. He sent back a fantastic two paragraph note that I still have in my Bloomian folder. But I won't write … [Read more]

Professional Deviation – Thoughts From The Random

Professional Advice for Coaches and Trainers - If your passion does not become your profession, then your profession will become your poison - When it comes to the art of coaching - the psychology of diet and the physiology of program design and … [Read more]

Small Corruptive Thoughts

The Scientific, Lab Tested and Explicit Versus the Tacit, Experienced and Observed You have probably already realized that I've created an all out, no holds barred false (or true?) duality slug fest. Each with it's own trichotomy. And you’d be right … [Read more]

Ideas That Will Change Your Training Philosophy

Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine. ― Ludwig van Beethoven Human existence is like a dialogue with a multiple protean involuntary – motives, resistances, … [Read more]