Stress, Adapt, Thrive or Die

The pendulum that is raised to the left, strikes back to the right with relentless necessity. –Uexküll

This is what I mean when I try to explain how a crash diet or a crash training program – a stress your body is not ready for – will result in a crash outcome.

Your body compensates and this is what adaptation IS. All adaptation is not beneficial.

All adaptation is not improvement.

Sometimes it is decline, destruction and demise.

A Disturbing Trend: Set in motion by stress and strain, the biologic(al) pendulum swings between catabolism and anabolism, trying to eventually bring stability back to a disrupted metabolism. 

Now let me link them here in a swirl of anti-scientific metaphor

What stretching is to the cycle of contraction, aerobic system function is to anaerobic systems cycle of stimulation.
Now cant a contraction be part of the stretch cycle? And cant anaerobic system function be part of the aerobic systems cycle of stimulation?
No. Why? At rest you are stretched and aerobic. Thus in action…
Elongation will happen with contraction, don’t you worry. Aerobic system stimulation will happen with anaerobic challenges, dont you worry either.


If resistance training were about increased strength levels alone, there would be no point to it, since there is a very real limiting effect to strength gain. When you keep training, yet fail to consistently produce a gain in strength, the less is more propagators explain it away in the same way they explained away the fact that magnesium became heavier when burnt, that it didn’t lose anything but gain, by suggesting that phlogiston had negative weight. Right now, the strength theorists are telling you, that your lack of getting stronger, is because you train to get stronger.

So the less is more training crowd is not accepting of that fact that strength gains eventually cease.

So they use the old phlogiston and magnesium protocol. The phlogiston theorists used to believe that when magnesium burned, it would “release” phlogiston. But magnesium only became HEAVIER when it was burned.
So they said, “well, that’s because phlogiston has negative weight”. In the same way, when you train and fail to get stronger continually, the less is more “research reading specialists” explain it away as, “well, that’s because your training has a negative effect.”

Well, they are wrong.

Your training doesn’t have the same effect THEY find easiest to measure. The only effect they really can measure.

The purpose of strength training isn’t necessarily to get stronger. It is also about training your strength in various forms of expression. Find different ways to express your strength and max out your strength expression using all conduits. The conduits are limited only by your imagination.

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