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I like to think of myself as a Fitness Omnologist. This blog is about what I’ve seen and what I’ve come to believe. My own diary of how my perceptions will change through times unzipping of reality.


The little indestructible creature clued me into my greatest epiphany; that adaptations to exercise are promotive, rather than the widely believed “protective”.

How so?

When conditions are extremely rough, the little Tardi goes into a low energy/low metabolism state.

To PROTECT itself – to PRESERVE itself.

How does our body respond to exercise?

By creating a physiology of higher energy demands, and higher metabolic rate.

This is anything but protective – this is asking for MORE.

This is challenging the challenge.

Now let’s think about how this applies to “over-training”.

And cardio.

Think about it.

I’ll have my post on the topic up soon.