Training Or Diet: Where Should Your Focus Be?

What Your Body Does With Food Depends On What You Do With Your Body

The Time Before Time

Researchers Frank W. Booth and P.Darrel Neufer have written, “Many of the metabolic characteristics of moderns humans evolved to support high levels of work efficiency and physical activity, a fact that undoubtedly contributes to the health problems facing sedentary 21st century societies.”

The fitness world has forgotten its roots and renounced its past. That it was birthed from the PHYSICAL CULTURE of a by-gone era. A time when people like you and I, engaged in and believed in the benefits of exertion, such as aesthetic enhancement, strength and robust health. When people like you and I, tacitly understood that the body needed caloric expenditure along with ingestion. A time when people like you and I, took responsibility for the caring of our bodies into our own hands. Literally.  Today the fitness industry does not understand or recall that it was NOT birthed by the modern DIET culture. Where instead of figuring out how to expend calories through physical work, we are more worried about how to avoid ingesting calories so as to avoid any physical work at all.

Today: The Forgotten Importance of Physical Work

Taking in the very best of foods in absentia of vital activity essentially accomplishes nothing short of wasting vital dietary resources. Physical activity, not silver bullet diets, prompt signalling for DNA sequencing of appropriate, healthy proteins – and a healthy nutrient dense diet backs that up. — Ken O’Neill 

We live in an age where we are experiencing a food bonanza and a physical activity famine. The illogical focus of the fitness industry has been the opposite – they focus on the bonanza and disregard the famine. Every physical trainer is a pretend-nutritionist. Why? Because the reductionist science-mind focuses on nutrients, minerals, vitamins and different fats which then allows for the birth of mountain-heaps worth of potential marketing material in the form of articles and blogs. This promotes the “expertise” of said nutrition guru and convinces you, the consumer,  of the one thing you want to hear more than anything else – that an easy dietary fix is required instead of straining, stressing and suffering for real physical change through exercise.

Your Diet Plan Must Be Dictated By Your Training Plan

The diet should NEVER be designed a priori to the program. The food plan must fuel the training plan because it is the training plan that will create the physique; a physique that REQUIRES good amounts of the “right” foods to meet it’s physical exertion needs. The training shovels the fuel in the right direction for complete aesthetic enhancement  strength and health. Your food plan, of course, must follow for the best expression of your physical self, but there is no dramatic phenotypic re-expression without high-stress, high-volatility generating stimulus. The internal environment needs to be de-stablized with applied stress for a transitional shift to a specifically adapted state. Note I said, SPECIFIC. The type of training you do is CRITICAL.

Only the correct training program can deliver your aesthetic destination to you. The diet helps clear the path, but it does not forge it.

More on what type of program does what soon…

Palms facing down and move it back over the head a little.

2 thoughts on “Training Or Diet: Where Should Your Focus Be?

  1. sagar

    Perfectly Said Amir…Thats the way it should be..nd lot of people even trainers dont understand nd go for a low caloric diet with a high intense training program which leaves the client drained out throughout the day…


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