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Satisfaction Guaranteed!Many make promises. I give guarantees. If within the first month you are not astounded by how insightful, informative, heretical and dogma challenging this coaching relationship is, I will refund all your money. No questions asked.

A couple quick notes:

  1. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve already submitted the questionnaire and have received my initial feedback. I am now on your team.
  2. After your payment is received, I will contact you within 24hrs and request further information that will allow me to design your training and nutrition plan. You will receive your plan within 48hours of this initial email exchange.
    I will give you your training plan with detailed instructions and links to coaching videos, if required. Your coaching time begins once you’ve received the plan and we’ve completed an initial Q&A period.
    If you have a major event that will disable you from training, we may need to change the timeline of the coaching agreement. Just keep me posted of what’s going on.
  3. The program is primarily conducted online. If you need “face-time”, we can plan up a maximum of 1 skype call per month. If you are located in Dubai, we can conduct these meetings in person. This means that even if you are located in Dubai, the regular communication and feedback will primarily be by email.
  4. I will answer all your emails within 24hours unless you contact me on a Saturday. I expect to be touch with your regularly but will NOT chase you. You need to send me feedback and ask questions to take full advantage of having a coach. Just keep in mind that Saturday is my day off in Dubai and I will not reply to emails!

12 Months Coaching:

  • Initial fact-finding email interview
  • Quarterly program reviews and training plan(s).
  • Check in call every 4 weeks (if needed)
  • Unlimited email support
  • Access to Coaching Video Library
  • Lifetime membership to the (upcoming) Fission-Fusion Inner Circle ($120/yr value)

As you know, I am required to identify the typical results of my coaching. As I stated in my guarantee, I’m not one to make promises—I make guarantees. I know and have 1000’s of client hours under my belt with satisfied clients ready to agree that my methods work and my coaching is an uplifting, life transforming experience. As with everything, you’ll get what you put it in. Typical results are hard to state as it’s context dependent (i.e. you’re on starting point) but you can be sure that you will lose inches around your waist, you will get stronger and gain a much more defined and well-proportioned physique. You will make significant gains in many of the health indicators (including but not limited to core body temperature). How far we get, though, in the end is really up to you.

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