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Training yourself means you eventually become slave to your own biases.

Though coaching, I am promoting the added value of OBJECTIVE/EXTERNAL analysis. Because the coaches objective/external analysis will combine with the athletes subjective/ internal feedback and create a synergy.

Coach and client form an emergent property. You alone on your journey are in much the same way that a drop of water is; negligible. But an oceans worth can destroy Japan.

This increase in collective ability is exponential and unpredictable – but always powerful. And with combined brain power and some combination of deductive and inductive inference, we can hopefully steer the power towards directions desired.

If you are a trainer/coach and have been designing your own programs, you are making a fundamental mistake and under-cutting your results and learning.  To be a real coach, you have to allow yourself to be trained, to be coached.

This is FOR COACHES or EXTREMELY serious trainees ONLY because I want to be PICKY and find some intellectual gems in the applicants and improve and simplify the language of my training model; of communicating my admittedly currently complex Fission Fusion Training Model to a wider audience. And to get feedback from people who can understand program design on a deeper level.

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To do: bend at your torso while standing up, hold a dumbbell with one hand while.

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