To Get Amir As Your Coach

Training yourself means you eventually become slave to your own biases.

I know it sounds like I am promoting the role of the “coach”. But I am promoting the added value of OBJECTIVE/EXTERNAL analysis instead. Because the coaches objective/external analysis will combine with the athletes subjective/ internal feedback and create a synergy.

Coach and client form an emergent property. You alone on your journey are in much the same way that a drop of water is; negligible. But an oceans worth can destroy Japan.

This increase in collective ability is exponential and unpredictable – but always powerful. And with combined brain power and some combination of deductive and inductive inference, we can hopefully steer the power towards directions desired.

If you are a trainer/coach and have been designing your own programs, you are making a fundamental mistake and under-cutting your results and learning.  To be a real coach, you have to allow yourself to be trained, to be coached.

I’m offering the coaching option at this EXTREMELY low rate (I’ve been called Dubais Most Expensive Trainer and normally charge 200 USD per session of live training alone) FOR COACHES or EXTREMELY serious trainees ONLY because I want to be PICKY and find some intellectual gems in the applicants and improve and simplify the language of my training model; of communicating my admittedly currently complex Fission Fusion Training Model to a wider audience. And to get feedback from people who can understand program design on a deeper level.

Here’s what I would want to know from you:

  • Age, weight, height and full body pictures (front, back and side),
  • I need a detailed account of your last 12-16 weeks of training
  • I need a detailed account of your eating regime
  • Injury history (everything)
  • What are you physique goals?
  • Last 3 books you’ve read (and 3 favorites of all time – all non-fiction please)
  • Last 3 great (yes, only the great ones) articles you’ve read
  • Any videos you may have of yourself performing any exercises (but particularly squats, overhead presses and dead-lifts)

To apply into my Coaching Program for 1 year the investment is:

  1. 2400 U.S dollars paid upfront (you save 600 U.S dollars for the year)
  2. 250 U.S dollars per month recurring payment for 1 year

$2,400 one-time fee

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$250/month for 12 months

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What does this meager 1 year fee get you? 

  1. Program design (detailed, tailor made workouts and diet plans) using my Fission Fusion Model. Training plans and diets for the entire year, designed and given to you according to your specific biofeedback and my long term intuitive assessment of your progress. Your physique improvement becomes my problem.
  2. Constant email contact with me. This means being able to pick my brain ON ANY AND ALL topics, and allowing me to pick yours. Which is why I can only afford to select people that intellectually qualify.

If you have any questions before that click, email me on my non-business account :

There is really no need to tell the world where they are because this makes them vulnerable

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