Fission Fusion – How It Became

Fitness training is where the ideas of biology, physics and psychology have sex. 

Functionally Interdependent Principles?

The principles of training and diet should not be considered independent when it comes to application to your body and mine. They must be considered as functionally interdependent. What we want is to have the principles of training and diet to have sex and give birth to a perceptual lens that enables us to see sharper, clearer, farther and deeper than ever before.

This idea of realizing this principle interdependence was what allowed me to link the the two metabolic conduits and create the Fission Fusion Model.

Structure Of Reaping What You Sow

You can create the mold (your program),
Place your embryonic self inside (perform the program),
And allow your body to forge itself into your minds design, over time.

The mold though must have freedoms of expression within the larger scale structure.

The mold must be as adaptable as your body is.

Your body is bio-clay, plastic and ready to interpret the signature of your program’s design through the modification of its implicit with your expected explicit. The program then, is like a model, or a system of thought – though created in perfection, should be designed with specific freedom allowances within rigid constraints. The joints of the larger structure need to be flexible enough to withstand the forces of pummeling that could come with a tsunami or slow flood of unpredictability.

To not have a program, is to not have direction, purpose or point actually no reason for them to let everyone know that they are broken-hearted, for example

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