Flip The Script

What you do with your body, determines what your body does with your food: The processing, digesting, integrating and utilizing characteristic of a highly physically active body is going to be substantially different from the processing characteristics of a sedentary physiology. Its like putting chicken into a pot of boiling water, versus putting the same chicken into a pot of cold water. Different time frames, different outcomes – different processes. Which means….I’m worried less about the calorie type and quantity and more about the body the calories are going into.

You need structure with degrees of freedom, constraints of elasticity: I learned this way of thinking from Freeman Dyson 5 years ago. And I’ve been using the metaphor ever since. A program cannot be a completely open loop. It must have constraints and freedoms that chisel the path the worker must take to create a large-scale “effect” (what I call EffectTraining). Be it metabolic or mechanical, or when they have sex like in a Fission Fusion Hybrid program.

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