Flip The Script

One day during his tenure as a professor, Albert Einstein was visited by a student. “The questions on this year’s exam are the same as last year’s!” the young man exclaimed. “Yes,” Einstein answered, “but this year all the answers are different.”

Metabolism Optimization Isn’t Just About Eating Better
Since life began, metabolism has been the never ending struggle between anabolic processes and catabolic processes, of energy intakes versus energy outputs. Both processes of a self-generating, self-healing, self-correcting and adapting system. Without one, there is no other. Therefore metabolic up-regulation is not and cannot be only about getting people to eat more, as the popular underground Ray Peat inspired metabolism-gurus have been persuading us to believe. And rightly so. But it has to ALSO be about training and exerting MORE. The energy IN verses energy OUT conduits must work in sync to heal and reestablish optimal metabolic functionality. Anabolism and catabolism are connected at the hip of metabolism, in the never ending dance of biological life.

Screw Sustainability It’s Hogwash
A training and feeding program needs to be sustainable to allow compliance? Something a client can actually do? Forever? Not so fast. When designing a program I consider what I can get my client to do, yes. AND what I can get them to eat. BUT that does NOT mean, you only give them what they LIKE to do and LIKE to eat or only what they can do or can eat. I’m looking for compliance. But compliance of what it will take to produce an alteration, not to sustain the comfort zone state. It is obviously what got them to have to need my help in the first place. I truly admire the modern fitness pros intention of  diet sustainability, but to be fair, the entire concept is hogwash. The fear of people not complying to protocol. A diet, like a training program has to be CHALLENGING – just not IMPOSSIBLE. The idea is that the challenge be, at the very least, slightly outside the clients comfort zone. You can’t aesthetically alter your physique without intellectually altering your mind. Take into account where they stand and where they WANT to go by doing what they NEED to do. When it comes to physique alteration, challenge, disturbance, instability creation and jolting the system is the very mechanism of change. Embrace it, use it and steer it.

Your Training Pattern Determines Your Adaptation Pattern
What your body does with your food depends on what you do with your body. The workout carves the path the calories must take. The path forged displays the obstacles, puzzles and challenges you faced during your sessions of  stress, strain and pain. In the gym and in life. And since the very “mechanism” of biological adaptation is stress, strain, pain, disturbance and instability inducement, realize that the type, pattern and nature of the challenge contains the exact and precise instruction set for the nature of the adaptation to come. Strain for duration and the adaptation is the endurance gestalt. Strain for power expression, mechanical tension or a mix of something in between and the adaptation is the power production gestalt. Each gestalt comes with it’s own set of positives and negatives. Now, you are free to choose the positives but only so long as you accept the negatives.

Everything comes with a price. But one expense may be more desirable than the other.

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