BlackListed: Little Fitness Heresies

The Art Of Compromise: What Not To Do
So I might not add vegetables or fruits to someones diet plan. I might not even let them squat for 3 months. Fitness blasphemy the main-stream fitness “pros” would call it… but let me explain.

In training (working out and diet planning), the other side of the programming coin is what you do NOT do. Which gives meaning to what we HAVE to do. Progress isn’t about what you must, but also about what you must not. Not about what you’ve learned. But what you’ve maybe un-learned. Excellence isn’t always about accepting, its also about rejecting. Moving forward isn’t only about looking ahead, it’s also about not looking back. This negative space and phase space teeter-totter. Tensioned in dynamic struggle. A non-constraint that behaves AS the constraint that guides process. The sculptor chisels off, the painter leaves blank and the musician goes silent. A great coach does something similar with program design. And sometimes that is exactly what defines the masterpiece.

Re-Express Yourself: Training Is The Big Key
To achieve the power athlete look (swimmer, sprinter, tennis player, soccer player etc), stimulating the short term energy systems primarily to use glucose as a fuel is a fundamental key. It can help you re-express yourself physically. But you must have the power athletes basic training structure down as well. Not their routine, not their diet. But their training methodology and how they feed it. Yes, there is a real and appreciable degree of “phenotypic re-expression” that your physique has the plasticity for. Cell environment can be altered through training and this can direct how your genetic gestalt is expressed phenotypically. But know that it takes TIME. I’d speculate 3 to 10 years for full potential to express itself according to the “type” of training you do.

Metabolic Memories – Do You Remember?
Every hard diet and every extreme training program will change you. Sometimes for the better. Sometimes for the worst. But you will NOT go back to original factory settings, mark my words. The interaction leaves a metabolic memory. You ingrain and condition yourself to those specific/general conditions with general/specific psycho-physiological “reactions”. The more “extreme” the interaction, the more severe the response. The deeper the scars, the darker the bruises and longer lasting the hurt. Stay close to the extreme, because you need to push yourself to points of discomfort to benefit at all. Dance on it’s periphery. But certainly not any longer than is essential. All interactions over time, eventually, poison. UNLESS you change your expectations as the interactions change you.

Constraints Lead To Freedom – The Shackles Of Independence
There are many reasons I don’t allow for too much auto-regulation of training and diet. I believe in structure. I believe in regimentation. The regimented training and diet life-style, besides providing obvious aesthetic and CONSEQUENTIALLY, health benefits, is also a temporal regulator. My fancy schmancy way of saying that it gives your day and routine DISCIPLINE and structure. It’s the constraint that allows you to get more done, not less. Guiding you to specific results from your efforts. My 3 R’s work well here: Regimentation + Repetition + Ritualization = Results

At War With Your Body: How To Have Your Cheesecake And Eat It Too
A workout is about you figuring out how to compete AND co-operate with your body at the same time. All competition or All co-operation, will lead nowhere. Your body will react with injury or sloth to decay. Find the right balance and you can eat more donuts and cheesecake in life.

And that is always a good thing. Crushed by observing the proper technique in doing the lying triceps extension?

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