Oh Science, Where Art Thou

Fission Fusion Training aims to emancipate the common mans understanding of physical enhancement from the tyranny of linear cause and effect thinking. 

Cycling Signatures – The Dynamic See-Saw Of Metaphor

So what is the Fission Fusion System? Let me clarify what it is not. It is NOT a physics inspired, mathematically guided, logical, rigid and mechanical system of thought that deals with the biological, anti-entropic solutions of fitness. The Fission Fusion System is a metaphor for a thought. A program design structure that allows me to engage an infinitely creative application of its principle message – which is?

Cycle stress signatures between Fission and Fusion dominance type programs.

It can take any shape, while never losing its identity. No two programs that are forged from its general principles need to have any specific detail in common at all, but may. Yet follow a grand purpose nonetheless. The constraint, the rules and the walls against which we slam the principles till they are at their most absurd , are elastic.

() Fusion Strategy ()
To undo the effects of a modern hypo-kinetic lifestyle, we enter the realm of hyper-kinetic training.
Focused on working kinetic chains through different movement patterns in multiple planes of motion and utilizing a variety of exercises at varying speeds and tempos. Focused on full body functionality.

() Fission Strategy ()
Now we isolate to aesthetically integrate.
Focused on working the individual body parts through different movement patterns in multiple planes of motion and utilizing a variety of exercises at varying speeds and tempos. Focused on full body aesthetic balance.

The two primary methodologies of Fission-Fusion feed into each other and produce a greater sum effect over time than applying the same stress signature over a longer period of time – why? Because anything in excess is a poison. Thus progressively alternating and integrating both ends of the stress signature spectrum the adaptive processes change the clients abilities over time, every time. As you never train in the same body twice. 

It Is About Program Design
The essence of a good program doesn’t come from the individual exercises of which it is constructed, but from the emergent meaningful unity of bringing those exercises together in that certain and sometimes peculiar way for that certain person.

Aesthetic Auto-catalysis: As You Look Better From Training, You Get Better At The Kind Of Training That Lets You Look Better
One of the side effects of training for pursuits of aesthetic magnificence instead of strength gain, is a gain in strength.

How odd. But true. And this enhanced strength feeds itself into an auto-catalytic process, enhancing the ability to train for pursuits of aestheticism. With increased load for one. And with an increased ability to stabilize for deeper, finer and more refined isolationism, second. Increased power as well. The increased strength becomes the new constraint, but as a constraint that potentiates and liberates. And all without training specifically for it.

The Ultimate Split: All Of Them And None Of Them Depending On When
Splits are metaphors. So the idea of dividing up the body to train it is as valid as training it in full, depending on the pursuit.

For example, chest work, anterior loading or push day are basically metaphors for the the same abstraction.  Some metaphors work better than others, at certain times for certain people, because each metaphor brings with it it’s own set of slightly or greatly differing rules. I find the chest METAPHOR as valid as any mathematical or biomechanical view divvying up the human frame for concentrated work bouts of focused attention and destruction. Full body workouts are indeed splendid. But sometimes not so much. Sometimes they are the wrong effort peg for the wrong progress hole.

Metabolic Priming: Supercompensation Sorcery
It’s all about the training – the diet is a far second. Say someone has been training correctly for months. Even years. They’ve sure paid attention to energetic expenditure, but next to no attention to energetic intake. Then one bright sunny morning, they decide to restrict some variable in their daily food fiesta regime, resulting, knowingly or unknowingly, in a caloric reduction. Like pulling the rabbit out of his magic hat, the result is an illusion. A deception. The results are already there, internally. Metabolically waiting. To be exposed by the lifting of the caloric iron curtain.

You can stay in a metabolically primed state BEST if you hold some fat. But you can’t stay in an aesthetically primed, very low body fat state, without depressing your metabolic economics.

What Does A Great Coach Do?
A great coach is a coach that recognizes what type of specific environment (energetic expenditure and ingestion) to create for what type of specific person (mindset)) to get them to express their best self. Nature and nurture synergized.

 Going Too Hard, Too Soon
The pendulum that is raised to the left, strikes back to the right with relentless necessity. — Uexküll

This is what I mean when I try to explain how a crash diet or a crash training program will result in a crash outcome. Your body compensates and this is what adaptation IS. All adaptation is not beneficial. All adaptation is not improvement. Sometimes it is decline, destruction and demise.

The Phlogiston Theory Of Strength And A History Of Lies
Above I wrote about how an increase in strength production can enhance the journey of aesthetic enhancement. But if resistance training were about increased strength levels alone, there would be no point to it. Since strength increase eventually must cease. But that DOES NOT MEAN you are not sowing the seeds of physiological improvement.

You absolutely still are. The strength purists would have you believe otherwise.

But they lie. Or misunderstand. Or misinterpret.

So they use the old phlogiston and magnesium protocol thinking. The phlogiston theorists used to believe that when magnesium burned, it would “release” phlogiston. Making magnesium lighter. But burnt magnesium only became HEAVIER.

So they concluded , “well, that’s because phlogiston has negative weight”.

In the same way, when you train and fail to get continually stronger,  “research reading specialists” explain it away as your training having a negative effect.  Well, they are wrong. Your training just doesn’t have the same effect THEY find easiest to measure. The only effect they really can measure. Or understand.

The purpose of strength training is not and cannot only be to get stronger. It is also about training your strength through multiple possible conduits or means. Finding different ways to express your strength, and  different ways to tax your strength expression. The possible conduits are limited only by your imagination. The triceps extension works out your triceps muscle with the aid of a cable machine

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