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Upgrading The Classic 5 Day BodyPart Split

The Classic 5 Day Training Split is Wrong - And The Answer Is 6 Every and any excellent coach uses a primary creative framework for program design purposes. An overall shell that he or she then chisels, shapes and molds according to the instructions … [Read more]

Oh Science, Where Art Thou

Fission Fusion Training aims to emancipate the common mans understanding of physical enhancement from the tyranny of linear cause and effect thinking.  Cycling Signatures – The Dynamic See-Saw Of Metaphor So what is the Fission Fusion System? … [Read more]

Quick-Fire: Disorderly Order Of Thoughts As They Come

Disturbance Set in motion by stress and strain, the biologic(al) pendulum swings between catabolism and anabolism, trying to eventually bring stability back to a disrupted metabolism. Muscle Tricks Human muscles are tricky - they can change … [Read more]

More Madness – A List Of Agonizing Ideas

Idea 1 - Pseudoscience of Mind Over Matter? Physics constrains psychology, yes. You simply cannot positive-think or dream-desire your physique to a state of aesthetically refined enhancement. You need to engage in diligent work instead. To sweat, … [Read more]

Can Art Save Fitness? And More Tidbits

 I never did get into this profession to "help" people, I should admit. I took to the field because I wanted to KNOW everything there is to know about the human body and the infinite interior of the human mind. To feed the most powerful craving of … [Read more]

Flip The Script

One day during his tenure as a professor, Albert Einstein was visited by a student. "The questions on this year's exam are the same as last year's!" the young man exclaimed. "Yes," Einstein answered, "but this year all the answers are … [Read more]

Tailor Made Physicality: Can You Direct Your Biological Expression?

How The Diet World Has Failed And Why We Must Put Our Faith Back Into The Training Universe The diet industry has failed us. Skewed, distorted and completely turned upside down, inside out and set in motion backwards the functional relationship … [Read more]

BlackListed: Little Fitness Heresies

The Art Of Compromise: What Not To Do So I might not add vegetables or fruits to someones diet plan. I might not even let them squat for 3 months. Fitness blasphemy the main-stream fitness "pros" would call it... but let me explain. In training … [Read more]

Stretching Things

To Stretch Or Not To Stretch - Is This The Question? And is it the wrong one? This isnt about stretching. What the debate is really about is how to train so that the athlete can move into and out of end ranges of multiple motion planes … [Read more]

Biased Biofeedback

Auto-regulation Is A Bias Using heuristics for deciding we produce errors due to biases in thinking. - Daniel Kahneman To me auto-regulation and feedback self-assessment has real value and real problems. I'm prone to the boredom-bias, the … [Read more]