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Aesthetics To Strength

The purpose of this blog is to look at established ideas with new eyes, under a new light and from a different vantage point, at the risk of fitness industry heresy. And now, time to tear apart, deconstruct and re-assemble yet another classic fitness … [Read more]

Training Or Diet: Where Should Your Focus Be?

What Your Body Does With Food Depends On What You Do With Your Body The Time Before Time Researchers Frank W. Booth and P.Darrel Neufer have written, "Many of the metabolic characteristics of moderns humans evolved to support high levels of … [Read more]

The Basic Axiom: The Fission Fusion Training Model

Biology Feeds On Instability Biology can turn piss to wine. Poison to elixir. Threat to strength. Instability to stability. So long as the dose doesn't exceed today's capabilities, the system will return ready for greater challenges tomorrow. The … [Read more]

Adaptation To Training: How Long Does It Really Take?

You never train in the same body twice Each dose of straining stimulus that your body absorbs, alters your physiology in subtle ways acutely, and in exponential ways chronically. This alteration is a (positive) adaptation. And what is … [Read more]

Nomothetic Stress Principle: Hurt Me, Heal Me

Anything in excess, is a poison.—Howard Bloom Even good old fashioned exercise. And what is exercise but the application of a stressor? And what is stress in excess but a poison? But our bodies need to be stressed as much as they need rest. … [Read more]