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…are plastic.

When applied, over time, they not only change the organism, but the organism changes how they are applied. Is this because in biology there are no strict laws? But rather tendencies? Or accidental regularities? You never train in the same body twice. Accumulate each training session over time, and you have might as well extract a new principle from

– What your body does with food depends on what you do with your body.

– You never train in the same body twice.
– We are all the same and all different at the same time.
– Cycle highs and lows in food intake and work output on all levels from weekly to monthly to yearly.


Behavior is pulled forward by pleasure as well as pushed forward by pain.”

So the idea is to commit to discipline. Not commit to a diet or training program.  A diet or training plan can only work as part of a disciplined life-style. Not without it.

#2.  Not everything should be done for the novelty of it. Training and diet especially. These things need to become the background music and story of your lifestyle. And if you cant manage that, then you will pretty much never get to your health and physique goals.

To do: step on the triceps bar and grip the triceps bar handles