Professional Deviation – Thoughts From The Random

Professional Advice for Coaches and Trainers
– If your passion does not become your profession, then your profession will become your poison
– When it comes to the art of coaching – the psychology of diet and the physiology of program design and vice versa – internet argumentation will kill creativity more than it will inspire it. People want to you to STOP travelling, traversing and trailblazing new paths and seeing from new angles, and under different lights, much more than they will ever want you to START
– Getting someone to believe you is easy, hard is getting someone to believe IN you

On Training 
– Fitness is thoroughly monistic, and the duality of Strength and Conditioning is wrong
– There are only tendencies and they can be expressed as StrengthConditioning and/or ConditioningStrength programs
– It is NOT about the muscles or the exercises. Not at ALL. It is about the combinations and sequences. The program you put the trainee through. Not about the letters or the words. Its about the sentences and the paragraphs. The story you put the reader through
– Training carves the canal through which the river of calories shall flow
– Your body is a learning and adapting bio-machine. Its stochastic with its long term adaptations BUT, it is ALWAYS learning. Which is why the second rep is always better than the first. The second set always better than the first. The second month better than the first. The second year better than the last. Till a noxious component (we like to call it fatigue) accumulates, the body gets better and better. Till it doesnt. The body craves learning through repetition. Till too much of the same becomes its own poison. And then it craves change. All change. Some change. Any change

 On Diet
– Clean-eating leads to hate-eating
– A food issue is a mood issue
– There are two ways to get lean: Eat less or move more so long as one stays stable, constant and controlled. You can pick one or both. But sometimes you need to eat more and move less – to heal from eating less and moving more. Supercompensate. And sometimes you need to eat more and move more or eat less and move less. Every and any combination of the two can be manipulated and used for purposes specific and for goals general. Pick your corollaries but know the axioms that bind to them at the hip of choice, purpose and pursuit

On Posture
– It is a lie to assume that postural chronicity – ANY posture – won’t accumulate a negative. Even the repetitions that are positive, as in pushups and squats, will have negatives tail their positive repercussions. Over the course of time in the short term and the long term – in the now of when and the when of then. You cannot escape the simple axiom that anything in excess is a poison. And that the dose; the duration and magnitude, determine whether a stress or strain will lead to pain or gain

On Motivation
– A sublime serenity is achieved when what you want is what you need
– I can only suggest what I think you should do. Whether or not you CAN do it, is your problem
– There are no short-cuts to greatness. There are only options. And each option comes with a consequence. What you don’t want to sacrifice – is your honour and integrity. Because you never get that back. Everything else – health, money, time – you lose anyway
– You can never stop working on your body…Because you are a dynamic flow of changing states. A complex system of psycho-physiological problems interconnected to a web of sociological judgement’s of right and wrong, being pulled in two directions, one of immediate satisfaction and the other of delayed gratification…to the breaking point. You can never stop the work of progression, because your body will never stop the work of regression.

On Principles
– Want to work smarter? Work harder
– Two powerful ideas
1 – truly not giving a shit about the people you do not give a shit about
2 – truly giving a shit about the people that you give a shit about
– In most affairs, neutrality is a cop out
– Never respect success, ALWAYS respect effort
– Never respond with equality; either crush your enemy or ignore them
– There are more possible divisions and dimensions to people than merely good or evil – Sometimes people are both, at the same time

On Moderation
– Obsession will get you everywhere, In fitness. In finance. In love. In life. Moderation is “the nothing”.  And do nothing in moderation
– Moderation in all things is an extreme idea

 On Death 
– When a person dies we should be mourning for the living – not the dead 

On Experts
– How do you tell if one is?
a – he has more questions than answers
b – he abhors simplicity of explanation but embraces simplicity of application

On Intelligence
– Master the rules of logic and you can at least create the illusion of intelligence
– If the teacher chose correctly, the student will surpass the teacher – If the teacher chose incorrectly, he is not worthy of teaching
– If you are smart enough to know how dumb you are, you are exponentially smarter than you think you are
– The more complex the problem, the more you should trust your intuition – of course, you may not realize how complex the problem actually is to begin with, since complexity and simplicity are deceptively conjoined; layered and intertwined in a closed loop of cause and effect with each other, to give us our precious perception of reality…

On Alternative Thinking
– Unpredictability is predictable
– What imposes a limit exposes a potential; A limit imposed is a potential exposed (constraint)
– Commitments always come with restrictions = this is constraint creation
– The thing people dont realize? that restrictions arent just new NO answers; you say no to things you would have said yes to before, they are also new YES answers; you now say yes to things you would have said no to before


On Creative Thinking And New Paradigms
– The world is a relativity engine. Context, recursion and power laws are the soil, sunshine and water of development
– If at first you do not generalize, you cannot analyse what you want/need to comprehend, to synthesize what you need/want to understand

On Deception
– Marketers know that when they write “simple”, you  read “easy”
– Utopia exists in your head – exactly where the idea that you live in a dystopia does
– We want to accept, embrace and own the good part, but we cannot do that without owning, embracing and accepting the bad part 

On Boredom 
– Tackle your boredom and you can tackle your diet
– The fewer social constraints you abide by, the less likely you are to be a victim of boredom

On Beer 
The problem with beer is that beer gives guys without the balls to talk to a pretty girl in the bar, the balls to talk to a pretty girl in the bar long enough for her to realize that beer is a problem

On Relationships
– The perfect relationship – ANY relationship – is not symmetrical; it is asymmetrical – one has more power and control than the other, over the other, but even that is asymmetrical, one does not retain or relinquish that power or control forever – symmetry is the idealization, asymmetry is the realization
– Nothing creates presence like absence, be it it your health, lover or cheesecake
– Human mating today is basically the following binary delusion: Guy trying to convince girl that he is thinking about the long term when he is really only looking for a good time in the short term and Girl trying to convince guy that she is looking only for the long term when she actually wants something fun in the short term
– Life is commerce: give and take – if you want something from someone, you better have something someone else wants from you and this applies top to bottom and bottom to top, no exceptions

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