Quick-Fire: Disorderly Order Of Thoughts As They Come

Set in motion by stress and strain, the biologic(al) pendulum swings between catabolism and anabolism, trying to eventually bring stability back to a disrupted metabolism.

Muscle Tricks
Human muscles are tricky – they can change function on you. A bicep works very differently when you curl a dumbbell compared to when you perform a chinup. Closed chain or open chain, shunt muscle or spurt muscle, stabilizer or prime mover… the body is wonderfully complex.

A Swirl Of Anti-Scientific Metaphor
What stretching is to the cycle of contraction, aerobic system function is to the anaerobic systems cycle of stimulation. Now cant a contraction be part of the stretch cycle? And cant anaerobic system function be part of the aerobic systems cycle of stimulation? No. Why? At the most restful state, on your back, you are stretched and aerobic. Action is thus an opponent process.

Elongation will happen with contraction, don’t you worry. And Aerobic system stimulation will happen with anaerobic challenges, don’t you worry either.

Does this show a sort of optimal directionality for exertion? Does the contraction-elongation cycle and the anaerobic-aerobic cycle metaphor linkage negate the need for all forms of stretching and steady state cardiovascular work? We shall see.

Shadow Of Fatigue
In movements of unilateral character, you shouldn’t always work your weak side first. Not always. Training, straining and pushing the weak side second, under the shadow of fatigue from working the strong side first may actually enable you to train it under harder conditions and bring it UP better. Since the fatigue will be systemic and not local.

Principle of Interdependence
The physical and psychical principles of training and nutrition, working and eating, expending and ingesting, do not exist independent of each other. They are functionally interdependent.

Yet, most of the fitness industry operates on mixing and matching various paradigms that are functionally and fundamentally divorced from each other. Yet applied together…such as high velocity training and low carb dieting for middle aged people with life long weight and body image struggles. You know what Im talking about coaches.

This leads to a diet that contradicts the training, training that contradicts the individual and an individual that contradicts the entire process.

(Now it doesn’t always follow this sequence, sometimes the individual is the one who contradicts for the sake of contradicting. Those clients should be shown the door with relentless necessity)

A Beginner Looking For The Best Program And Diet?
There are NO special exercises. Sorry.
There are NO special programs. Sorry.
There are NO special diets either. Sorry.
There are ONLY special coaches or special clients; special people.

And even then the battle will be fierce.
But it usually begins ad hoc.
And you need to win it a priori.

I never said it was going to be easy.


Arms on the preacher rack in front of you?

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