Tailor Made Physicality: Can You Direct Your Biological Expression?

How The Diet World Has Failed And Why We Must Put Our Faith Back Into The Training Universe

The diet industry has failed us. Skewed, distorted and completely turned upside down, inside out and set in motion backwards the functional relationship between diet (your energy ingestion plan) and training (your energy expenditure plan).

Modern societies incredible surge in available calories, what I call the food bonanza, and the technological advances that have taken physical work needs down so substantially, what I call the physical activity famine, have made us misinterpret the problem and create a solution that has led to a new problem. One we didn’t expect at all. Food psychosis and its effects on personality disturbance.

Now you can have the perfect diet, sort of, but without a physical exertion plan of an equally high quality, you will still not have health. Or any semblance of a reproductively attractive physique. And if we’ve learned anything from the science of complex bio-dynamical systems, processes of trillions of living cells like me and you and every other living being on this planet, we have learned that we need to be stressed, strained and disturbed for optimized health. Our bodies feed on this disturbance – hard exercise – as much as they do on calories.

What am I asserting here then? That your optimal physical self has as much, if not more, to do with your energy expenditure (your training) plan, than with your energy ingestion plan (your diet).

The problem first is inactivity, and second is over-consumption, which leads to more inactivity and so on.

If people took the mental and physical focus and energy they put into dieting and instead put it into training, they’d have a lot more success with getting what they want from their dieting. And without the harmful negatives of caloric restriction. Negatives that include metabolic down-regulation and dramatic, powerful, permanent alterations in mood and behavior. This combined creates a perpetual cycle of frustration; the more you diet, the more you need to diet. 

Training Correctly Will Get You There, Eating Correctly Will Allow It
Your diet and training fitting like lock and key will allow a better, faster, smoother physique enhancement and health journey. The Diet-focus fitness industry ideology has failed. And in it’s grand failure we’ve been given a message, that “dieting” alone will always fail. It has only resulted in people with psycho-metabolic issues without ever delivering the long term positive results that diet-focused fitness pros of lore had promised with all the fervor of mighty saviors and the confidence of corrupt politicians. Making ridiculous arbitrary, nonsensical claims such as 80% diet, 20% exercise, you are what you eat and an entire assortment of such cliche statements of delusion and reality contempt.

What You Do With Your Body Tells Your Body What To Do With Food

The message of strain is what will create your bodies need for food. And will carve the path of phenotypic expression your physiology will take and determine what that food is used for and how. Now does that mean that food type, quality and quantity doesn’t matter? Of course not. And here is a metaphor for why:

If you body is a car, and physique enhancement is the journey, then hard effort training is giving the car acceleration. Not eating in a way specific for the training pursuit is like having your other foot on the brake at the same.

The Internal Is Influenced By The External: A Little Epigenetics
People need to get the training program right FIRST and foremost. Then decide on how to feed the demands of the training to allow the body to express the work physically through remodeling, modification and enhancement. Both the training and the proper feeding for that training can create the right environment for the expression of your best genomic self. The modern term for this plasticity and potential for adaptability is being called “genetic vulnerability”.

In his book Epigenetics, Richard Francis explains how it is NOT the gene that controls its expression. It is the cell that regulates gene expression. This de-centralizes control of which trait is phenotypically expressed. These epigenetic  mechanisms allow for genomic and phenotypic expression according to how and to what degree we can alter cellular environment.

You are not your genes. You are a battle between nature and nurture. Sometimes you are a co-operation between them. As Robert Sapolsky recently said, “Genetic determinism, my tuchus.”

How To Do It?
To create the ultimate expression of human physiology, the healthfully lean and an-aerobic power expressing humanoid, we must stimulate a change in full body environment that allows for this phenotype to realize by training primarily the short term energy systems and feeding the body primarily carbohydrates for the glucose to power those energy systems. To meet the needs only forceful exertion generates.

The stimulation of the dynamic duo of metabolism, the expenditure and ingestion systems energy conduits must both congeal upon one purpose and one goal, to birth a synergy of precise result.

Stimulate in this way and allow the teeter-totter between genetic and epigenetic expression to use your specific plasticity of expression to it’s fullest extent. In time. And with patient appreciation for process.

Also known as the skull crusher, it fully isolates the triceps and allows loading up of.

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