" Andrew Griffin"

Working with Amir over the past three months has been, without question, the most transformative experience in my fitness journey. I say this as someone who has engaged in training for the past fifteen years in addition to being a coach for the past seven. I was introduced to Amir by a mutual friend and started following him through various social media platforms and quickly found myself pouring over his daily posts. In his somewhat sparing fashion, he delivered some of the most insightful and prophetic commentary on the science and art of training, leading me to critique my own methods and ideas. When Amir began offering distance coaching, I jumped at the chance to work with him. I knew my own development and potential were being constrained by not working with someone who could guide me in my desired direction in the way that only true objective critique is able to accomplish. The aesthetic changes I have witnessed in the past twelve weeks have been extraordinary. Here are some of the highlights: • Dropped four inches from my waist • Gained five pounds • Significant increase in muscle mass over entire body. • Transformation of arms from “big” to “great” • Increase in overall leanness I have done all of this with a diet that includes eating cheesecake twice a week and having an entire cheat day once a week. Amir’s ability to integrate concepts from the physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities is what make his training model so successful. Simply put, the depth and breadth of his knowledge is astonishing. As someone who runs his own online distance coaching, I can say that Amir is doing it right. Even though I know that he is managing a roster of online clients, I feel as if I am his only subject. Any questions or concerns I may have about my program or diet plan are answered swiftly and with great attention. Most importantly, I feel such confidence in Amir’s ability as a coach that it allows me for the very first time to simply experience a program as opposed to constantly evaluating it. I no longer sit and analyze the details of my training and diet trying to account for whatever feedback I “believe” I am observing. Having a coach truly does free us from the inherent flaws in trying to assess what is going on both with our body and in our head. You will find, as I have, that Amir is a coach of the highest order.

" Jahed Momand"

"When I started working with Amir, I'd been in the strength game for about 6 years unbroken. I had won things in Strongman, I'd worked up to a respectable total in olympic weightlifting without a coach, and achieved a 426 Wilks total in powerlifting, on my own. However, I had some stubborn body parts, and the programming I was doing before just wasn't doing the trick. I decided that I was the problem and handed the problem off to him to handle (lol). I'd gotten quite far on my own, but when you're doing it all yourself, it's hard to see the pitfalls in your programming, both obvious and not-so-obvious. Amir told me we were going to do some bodybuilding. It would build up the parts that were lagging while simultaneously making more injury-proof. My whole life I had frowned upon bodybuilding, and made fun of those dudes posing on the stage in their underwear. Now I was going to do that stuff?!? Ok... I'm a man of my word. I handed the problem off to him and I was gonna stay congruent with what I thought was the best decision. It turned out to be an AWESOME decision. I gave up on growing taller years ago, but BOY did I get wider in all the right places. My shoulders turned into bowling balls, my already large traps got even larger, and I achieved separation in my quad muscles despite being at a fairly high body fat percentage (18-20%). Way more than I thought I could get, to be honest. We're not focusing on strength in the next 3-4 months, and I can't wait to see what we achieve together. It's a huge relief to not have to worry about whether my programming is solid and just do things, even though, books-wise, we probably have about the same experience. It's those extra little things you can't quite see yourself no matter how hard you try, just due to your own bias, seeing and programming those things, and knowing when and how far to push you, that Amir's true value shines through."

" Jonathan Fernandes"

Amir Siddiqui is someone I’ve recently took attention to, mainly due to his style. So I decided to send him an email asking for his services. I am glad I did. Amir structures his programs a lot differently than from what I’m used to, taking to account one’s physiology and metabolic rate on a macro and micro level. He wants you to have a mindset of abundance for both food and exercise. His artistic approach is something I’m already noticing after one week. A lot more energy, better mood, and a weird craving for cheesecake I have not had before. There is no one way to do things and this is what Amir is all about.

" Bryan Barletta"

"I'm not a bodybuilder, professional athlete, or anything like that. I'm just someone who decided at age 25 that they didn't know enough on their own to get the body they wanted. Over those two years I've trained with many different people of different mindsets and unfortunately the outcome was exacerbating my binge eating disorder without getting the body I wanted. In the less than two months that I've been working with Amir, I've made some major breakthroughs. I've accepted and work towards addressing my binge eating issues. With his help I've identified the difference between when I want food and when I need food (something I could never comprehend before). And most importantly, I've stopped viewing my body just as the negatives I want to change in the short term but rather as the vessel that will bring me toward long term results. While I haven't made the shift completely on a mental front for putting exercise before diet, working out 6 days a week and crushing it is definitely helping with that. I feel perpetually pumped every day which is something I've never experienced before and I'm rapidly seeing all of my muscles become rounder. This isn't a race, it isn't a 12 week project, it's a journey you should enjoy thoroughly. 6 weeks in to working with Amir for my first year and I can honestly say the piece of mind, comfort I'm building with food, and excitement at working out more have convinced me that this will be just the first of many years that I work with Amir."

" "

So far, two months training with Amir has been unparalleled. His knowledge is immense and the training encompasses more angles to my fitness than I had ever considered. With focus and attention to a whole person and goal of penultimate health and fitness of both body and mind. There is a reason Amir is Dubai's most expensive personal trainer. My exercise programme is varied, interesting and testing whilst his regular updates with current training knowledge keeps me inspired and motivated, looking forward to the months ahead. Amir's approach to nutrition is unique and refreshing. It is tailored for my training and structured in such a way that it is easy to follow, and allows me to actually enjoy what most would label "bad" foods and at the same time see my body change for the positive. Thanks Amir.

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