More Madness – A List Of Agonizing Ideas

Idea 1 – Pseudoscience of Mind Over Matter?
Physics constrains psychology, yes. You simply cannot positive-think or dream-desire your physique to a state of aesthetically refined enhancement. You need to engage in diligent work instead. To sweat, strain and drain. You cannot suspend belief in the mighty caloric equation either. You need to measure. To weigh, to count. But can psychology influence the physics of your biology? I think so. If you can think yourself into fatigue. If you can think yourself stronger, then I think you can make some of your genetic constraints for physique enhancement more malleable, more willing, more ready for diplomacy. And remove some of the roadblocks that hinder the expression of a specific fitness adaptation. Through thought.

Idea 1 – Training Is Harming?
Training is the pars destruens – the destructive part of the physical betterment plan. The way you break yourself down is the way you will find your body builds you back up. Training is a dose of a certain stimulus. The stimulus has a nature. It has a duration. An intensity. A deliverance modality. And then there is the mentality with which you strain; the above psychology influencing the physics of your biology. All of this creates a signature pattern of stress. A breakdown plan. And in the rubble of the workouts destruction, your body reads the instructions for construction. The pars construens.

Idea 1 – You Don’t Need A Barbell?
The straight bar is a stupid tool. Not a useless one, just a stupid one. Ideally the tool should conform to body, not the body to tool. The barbell is a remnant of our past simplistic mis-understanding of the importance of loading for physique alteration and re-creation. The focus on the external, the numerical, the count-able and the braggable. Your body is hopelessly asymmetrical. From the inside, where your right side diaphragm is almost 2/3rds as massive as your left side diaphragm, to the outside, where we are all functionally asymmetrical. Two dumb-bells will flow with the bodies natural twisting, torquing and turning rhythms and in my opinion, allow for more muscle tissue to be seduced, recruited and stimulated for each bout of repetitious effort.

Idea 1 – Idealizations Of Perfect Form Are Not Real? 
There is no ideal form or ideal posture or ideal patterns in the biological game of gravity. The idea that there are such ideals, assumes that a dynamic biology can fit itself snugly into our mathomechanical metaphor models of ideal biomechanical states. These are myths constructed by our aesthetic obsession with the purity of straight lines and linear thinking. The same ideals that won’t let us, not you or me, let go of the barbell. The same ideals that seek to find simplistic feed-forward causes and effects to explain physiological effects that are the result of a nexus and plethora of intersections of cause becoming effect and effect becoming cause.

Idea 1 – The Paradox Of Fitness?
Fitness isn’t a battle. It is a war. You are never going to find the comfortably numb point of ease. Never going to find that place where you can back off the hard effort and maintain your best physical self. You and I see the battle mind-set practically every day. And fitness pro’s are guilty of the same. Ricochet programming. Jumping from one program to another. From one system to the other. Diets follow the same pattern. Low carb to high fat, high this to low that. You also need to understand that there is no linearity in biology. The fitter you get, the more resistance to fitness inducing stimulus you create. Most people understand that, but cant apply the same reasoning when it comes to diet. The more times you diet per year, the more times you need to diet per year. Exactly why my Fission Fusion Method cycles not only caloric intakes, but cycles volumes and loads of mechanical, metabolic and technically challenging training stimuli.

With your body, variation is important. But too much creates novel redundancy. Too little creates abject despondency.

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